A downloadable game

A project that was created from the Wrench Jam game jam. The theme was Three - way duel. A local multiplayer game where players go head to head in a wild west arena style deathmatch. 
This project was created with the aim of having fun with friends and seeing how well we worked together as a team. Since we were all programmers some of us drew the short straw for this project and worked on other aspects of the project. 


CowBoy boy.zip 128 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and use the .exe file to play.
Player 1: W - jump (press W again to double jump), A - move left, S - move down, D move right.

Player 2: Arrow keys for movement (same layout as player 1).

Player3: I - jump (press I again to double jump), J- move left, K - move down, L move right.

Space - to shoot (can only shoot while moving).

Kevin Conaghan - Sound production and implementation
Arran Clark - Sound production
Bryan Adams - Gameplay programmer
Chirs McEvoy - Gameplay programmer
Alan Guild - Asset creation and implementation